Top Eye Problem Causes To Be Aware Of

Eye problems will surely appear sooner or later. In most cases they will be minor but there are also some that need to be treated. Before you visit the local Vancouver optometrist, remember the fact that you can easily deal with most of the common eye problems. Let’s talk about those eye problems that are really common and that you have a higher possibility of having to deal with sooner or later.



If you read for a long time, spend hours on your computer or you drive really long distances, eyestrain normally appears. Whenever overusing the eyes you will end up with eyestrain as your eyes become tired and have to rest. When you feel that your eyes are strained, simply rest for some time. When still weary even if some days passed, you need to go to the doctor as a more serious problem may be present.

Red Eyes

Do you have eyes that are so red they seem like they are filled with blood? Our eye’s surface has many blood vessels present. They will expand if the eye is infected or irritated. That is why you have red eyes. You can also end up with red eyes due to eyestrain and there are some conditions that lead to the appearance of red eyes. Try some eye drops and rest so that the eyes can recover.

Night Blindness

Many people out there do complain of the fact that they cannot really see well during the night. Night blindness should be seen as it really is, a symptom. There are different conditions that lead to night blindness, including a deficiency of vitamin A, cataracts and nearsightedness. Also, in some cases you may be born with this symptom and if this is the case, you cannot treat it.

Lazy Eyes

The lazy eye is also known under the medical term amblyopia. It appears since one of your eyes will not properly develop. You have weaker vision and the eye will move around lazily while the other eye will have no problems. The condition appears in people of all ages. As soon as lazy eyes are detected, treatment can start. This can even happen when you are really young.

Strabismus – Cross Eyes

When eyes are not properly aligned, strabismus is normally the case. The condition is also referred to as wall eyes or cross eyes. You cannot get rid of strabismus alone. You will have to go to the ophthalmologist in order to correct the condition. If you suffer from nystagmus, eyes constantly move without you controlling them. Thankfully, even for this there are many treatments that can be considered.

Color Blindness

The last common eye condition we should mention is color blindness. It appears when you cannot see some colors or you cannot distinguish between some colors. If the condition is severe, you only see everything in grey shades. However, this is quite rare. People that are affected with this condition cannot be treated but with the use of special glasses or contact lenses it is much easier to differentiate between different colors.

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